Why Choose LEADTOOLS Imaging SDKs?

Since 1990, LEAD has been supplying imaging technology to software developers, integrators, contractors, and solution providers. LEAD’s software development toolkits, LEADTOOLS, are the gold standard in the imaging software development community and are used by tens of thousands of developers worldwide.


Founded in 1990, LEAD has a track record of more than 25 years of profitable operations and excellent customer service. LEAD is currently shipping version 19 of its core products. If your customer has an imaging requirement, chances are LEAD has already coded, tested, and deployed it. Increase the productivity of your employees by allowing them to leverage upon LEAD’s years of development blood, sweat, and tears.

One-Stop Shop

LEAD supports the full range of imaging categories allowing customers to standardize on LEADTOOLS for all imaging requirements and eliminate multiple-vendor headaches. Enjoy the simplicity of one vendor relationship, one license agreement, and one support contact. With access to the full suite of LEADTOOLS SDKs developers stand to gain Medical Imaging, Document Imaging, Recognition, Vector, Multimedia, and general Imaging components with cross-platform capability.

Easy to Use

LEADTOOLS is designed to make your job as easy as possible. Our job is to help you get your project done and out the door on time. Each SDK contains valuable resources such as extensive online documentation, sample source code, demos, and tutorials, all designed to make your job easier and to allow your project to be completed sooner.

Time = Money

Decrease solution costs and time-to-revenue by leveraging LEADTOOLS imaging libraries and components. Develop your customers’ solutions with less overhead and a faster rollout. Deliver sooner and get paid quicker.

Plug In and Go

Quickly image-enable existing solutions with minimal code changes. LEADTOOLS provides many customizable, ready-built components including document and medical web viewers, file converters, recognition engines, and codecs.

Outshine Your Competitors

Increase your company’s competitive advantage by adding significant functionality to your offering without substantially affecting cost or time-to-deliver.

No Risk, No Worry

LEADTOOLS is available in a fully functional evaluation version. You can test all features and actually program with the evaluation copy before the purchase is made.

Free Technical Support

LEAD offers free and unlimited technical support via email, user forums, and live chat; LEADTOOLS customers receive this free technical support in perpetuity. We also offer premium support options on a per case basis.

Trusted Technology Provider

LEAD has a significant technology footprint within the United States Government with major deployments to Department of Veterans Affairs, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, and other federal and state governmental agencies. LEAD also has a strong customer base that includes most Fortune 1000 companies.

Special Pricing

Volume discounts for developer and deployment licenses.

Flexible Licensing

LEAD will work with you to match your customers’ deployment requirements.

Professional Help Needed?

Professional development services are available for customers with time-sensitive feature requests and customers needing extra help with their application development.

Imaging Component Experts

LEAD’s developers are imaging experts as well as development component experts. Consistently receiving industry recognition from the developer community, LEADTOOLS is designed to allow customers to easily integrate its technology into real-world solutions.

New Revenue Opportunities

With LEAD as your Imaging Partner, confidently bid on projects with an imaging requirement knowing that you can deliver a solution on time and on budget.